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It's time for vacation, why leave your dog at home? Go together for a doggie break in the country! Enjoy Canine Country Camp at Glen Highland Farm. It's a true escape to freedom for you and your dog!

Registration for CAMP 2014 is not yet available. Please check back with us in November!

A camp for you and your dog - a combination of fun and learning

Escape to the country for a vacation of fun and learning with your dog! At our dog camp, you will join up to 35 other like-minded dog folk with their canine companions. Sports-minded? Get one-on-one instruction taught by teachers at the top of their game in agility, herding, rally obedience, treibball, disc dog and more. Sit in on fascinating lectures such as canine health, nutrition, behavior problem solving and animal communication. In between camp sessions, throw sticks for your dog, let your dog cool off with a quick swim in beautiful Butternut Creek or Bullfrog Pond or just soak in the sun while your dog plays with other camp dogs. Your dog can run freely off leash through miles of private trails that wind through meadows, fields and hemlock's 175 acres of doggie freedom! Relish in delicious catered breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In the evenings after supper, many campers group together to enjoy some wine as the sun sets or head to the campfire pit for a night of stargazing.

With our heavy winters, our woods and meadows are basically tick-free!
You and your dog can enjoy miles of trails here at the Farm
without worrying about those troublesome ticks.
Make your Camp reservations today!

The Camp Philosophy

More people than ever before in history have dogs in their lives. Dogs are everywhere and join in almost everything we do. The days of master/servant interactions have been replaced by caring people who want a real relationship with their furry FRIEND. That's what the Canine Country Camp is all about.

A dog is a true companion offering unconditional love and friendship regardless of whatever day to day situations arise. At the Farm, we maximize that relationship by offering a vacation experience that allows dogs to be dogs, truly able to race around, making up dog games and natural interactions which include uninhibited playtime. We feel strongly about the uniqueness of this environment to offer a safe place for you to enjoy your dog's real nature as well as learn about dog to dog interactions. Our off-leash approach is not like other dog camp settings where dogs are always required to be perfect and obedient, well controlled on leash. We just don't believe that kind of stiffness is a vacation for anyone, especially a dog.

We encourage you to open up your horizons by discovering
the language of dogs. Coming to Camp means you can
safely let go of that leash and enjoy your dog off leash
as well as learn to let go of worrying about problems
that are really not problems.

What you will experience day in and day out at Camp is a group of 30-45 dogs playing, playing, playing and negotiating with toys, amidst the clear signals of the pack rules, which dogs completely understand and desire. We have never had any aggression that warranted worry at the Camp. All that is required is that you open up to trusting your dog and what the true nature of dog can be.

Since Glen Highland Farm is a year-round Border Collie Rescue, the Camp attracts many herding breeds. But we have activities that ALL breeds, big and small, can enjoy!

In addition to experiencing the freedom of play, the Camp is designed to open your heart to a closer relationship with the canine spirit. We believe that dogs are teachers of the heart, helping us to find a kinder way of being and a more honest expression of love. Camp sessions offer a spiritual connection to your dog way beyond learning tricks or obedience or any behavioral work.

There is an opportunity here to learn something much more profound...
all that is required is an openness to the land and nature and the
honesty and energy of the dogs. You can leave your human rules at home
and discover the benefits of deepening your canine relationship which
has no rules, except the overriding one of love. Many campers find
this spiritual part of camp to be the most rewarding.

The Camp Experience

If you're tired of leashing your dog everywhere you go or worrying about hikes in state parks populated by other non-dog people you meet on trails, let those worries float away.

At the Camp, you are surrounded with kindred spirits who sincerely care about dogs. Camp has up to 40 other adult campers, plus their dogs. People that attend range in age from 25 years to 65+ and come as singles, as couples or with a friend. Vacationing at the farm with your dog and with everyone else's dogs is a blast. If your dog is shy or boisterous, we're happy to have you vacation at the farm.

Dog play is all delight here at the farm... you won't stop smiling as you watch your dog and other dogs endlessly racing around for frisbees; chasing each other in spontaneous games; exploring the real outdoors trails and creeks where sniffing impulses are highly rewarded... it's a candy store of nonstop fun for your dog.

The main play area is about 5 acres and is securely fenced so even dogs not so good off leash can safely have a blast racing around with other dogs. On the rest of the property, it's unlimited running and fun with 170 acres of trails, meadows and swimming!

The personalized attention during the day at all the sports and speaker sessions is incredible. There are no long lines, no waiting to be helped with anything. You and your dog are the focus here.

We want the Farm to feel like yours so your time here is to spend as you wish... feel like skipping a session? Because the nature of the farm is so diverse, many people opt to take trail walks throughout the day. At any given time, you'll generally see 10 people in whatever activity you attend.

Visit Camp Activities for more details on the camp experience.

To view a PDF map of the Farm, click here.


Your camp fee includes instruction from very skilled, noted teachers who teach year round with clients who travel all over the Northeast to gain their expertise. Your camp fee also includes all meals, delicious professional catered breakfast, lunch and dinner specialties, a wonderful combination of gourmet vegetarian with free-range organic poultry and meat, all humanely raised. Please note that Camp is for adults only.

$1300 per person plus the cost of lodging.

See Fees & Registration for details on camp and lodging fees. See Lodging for full descriptions of accommodations and availability.

Did you know that when you come to Canine Country Camp at Glen Highland Farm, you are helping abandoned, unwanted and homeless rescue dogs? Part of your camp fee goes to Sweet Border Collie Rescue so you can feel great having a wonderful vacation and doing something wonderful for dogs in need. No other camp benefits dogs!!

Canine Country Camp = Value

The Canine Country Camp has everything you want to do in one place for a tremendous savings!
During your camp stay, your dog has the potential to do agility, herding; flyball and tracking 10 times during the week and that doesn't include all the other sports available during camp. If you were to do all these activities at home, it would cost you over $3000!!

How does this compare to activities in your home town? Check it out...

Agility lessons in most cities are $50-100 per hour for private sessions. Group classes of 8 people are $25-55, depending on the trainer. In just agility alone, you could spend up to $500-1000 for this many sessions in one week.

Herding lessons are $40-90, depending on the instructor. Clinics are $100 per day with two times with sheep. In herding alone, you could spend up to $400-900 with this many sessions in one week.

Tracking can cost as much as $85 for a one hour private lesson. For tracking, your cost could be as high as $850 for a week of lessons.

Just do the math and it's easy to see that a camp fee of $1300 is a huge savings on agility, herding and tracking lessons. AND, here at camp, there's so many more activities that are included: treibball, scenting games, disc dog, tracking, scenting games, trick training, animal communication, animal massage, health & nutrition and more... Plus trail walks throughout the 175 acres of gorgeous countryside designed around dogs!