The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
Guest Info
Time flies when you are having fun! Here at the Farm there is no shortage of activities to enjoy or places to explore with your dog.

The GETAWAY at Glen Highland Farm is a remarkable vacation where you and your dog can enjoy the outdoors: lush trails to hike, flowering meadows to wander, or you can rest creekside as water rushes over fallen logs.

Trails lead you through distinctive features of the Farm suitable for human and canine alike: hiking, swimming and wading, agility, tracking, frisbee, and more. Bring out the naturalist in you and have fun identifying wildflowers and birds or spotting deer, beaver, herons and foxes. If you like taking photos, what better place to be inspired than a 60-acre meadow? How about fishing? The pond is stocked with trout for catch and release fishing! And while Fido takes a nap, you can venture around town for some road biking on fantastic scenic rural roads or a few rounds of golf before firing up the grill for dinner. You can even make your visit a learning vacation and get private agility instruction onsite!

Of course, the beauty of nature may compel you to want to just sit back and relax and take in the surroundings. You'll find strategically placed tables, benches and lounging chairs with umbrellas and hammocks to take a load off while your dog(s) cool off in the Creek. The locations of these special places along the trails were "paw-picked" by our very own canine experts.

Hiking through a wilderness wonderland

Each trail leads you into a wilderness wonderland that has been well-traversed by dogs. In fact, the trails follow the routes our own dogs showed us when we created the Farm. Dogs know how to enjoy the great outdoors and are a joy to watch as they dash and dart and explore the freshness of undisturbed country. Follow their lead and you will be sure to have an adventure!

The trails cross varied terrain depending on where you are on the property. Most are flat or rolling grassy footpaths through the meadows and creekside or cleared trails through the woods with exposed tree roots and some loose rocks. There are several rocky inclines so sturdy footwear is recommended.

Water water everywhere

Our spring-fed pond, Bullfrog pond with fountain can be either serene and relaxing for you or wildly fun for canine water lovers. Dogs can wade in from the beach area or take a flying leap off the floating dock.

Butternut Creek, reknown for its beauty, runs throughout the Farm offering endless chances for your dog go for a swim, or simply just wade in to cool off. From light reflecting babbling brooks to fast currents and hidden swimming holes, a surprise lay around every bend.

Bass and trout fishing

If you are into fishing, make sure you bring your gear when you camp with us this year.

Our Bullfrog Pond is a really fun spot to fish. The Pond is spring-fed all year long and maintains a clean cold temperature year round. The Pond is approximately 20 feet deep at its maximum and is 8-10 feet deep at the dock shoreline. For many years, the Pond has been inhabited by wide-mouth bass, pike and sunnys. Some of the bass are 4-5 pounds. The pond has also been stocked with rainbow and brown trout that range in size from 14 to 18 inches.

Fishing is strictly 'catch and release'. No license is required. Only single barbless hooks are allowed and fishing times are limited to 7-10 am and 5-8 pm. We recommend ultra-light fear (4-6 lb. test line) and light weight fly fishing gear if that is your choice.

We provide a 14- foot boat that can comfortably accommodate two anglers. We also provide a beverage cooler and ice. We have staff that are accomplished fishermen who know the Pond well. They are available for free advice on how to fish the Pond and are also available to book as an 'evening guide' for a $25 fee. We do have a very limited amount of gear/tackle available for use by our guests as well.

Agility sporting fans take note!

Our agility equipment is available for use anytime during your stay. With a complete courses of obstacles, you can practice any aspect of the sport you like and use each day to build greater skills or just have fun challenging both you and your dog. You can build the course to your dog's skill level. If you've always wanted to try agility, this is a wonderful opportunity!

Throughout the property are wide clearings -- open fields that make great places to perfect that disc toss or practice tracking and other nose-work with your canine pal.

There's also a 10-acre sport field, nice and flat which is great for frisbee and ball throwing!

Get in touch with your dog

Imagine if you had a way to really understand your dog better? Are you confused by certain behaviors of your dog or are you looking for a way to hear what your dog really wants or needs or enjoys in living with you? This is very possible with the skills of an animal communicator. Using highly developed intuitive skills, an animal communicator converses with the animal you love and passes the information onto you. This is invaluable in building a stronger, deeper relationship. Consider a private session with Lillie Goodrich, co-founder of Glen Highland Farm, a 175-acre rescue sanctuary for border collies.

Lillie spends her life listening to the dogs at the Farm, those in the rescue program and those that visit with adopters. Her entire focus, 24/7, is tuning into dogs. She studied in Advanced Interspecies Communication with renown telepathic communicator, Penelope Smith. Lillie's sessions are $75 for 30 minutes and can be extended, according to need. Topics to consider:

  • behavior challenges such as chewing, growling, dog to dog interactions, anxiety reactions, etc.
  • reconnecting with deceased pets
  • healing health pains
  • handling change such as moving, new children, new dogs, divorce, etc.
  • general emotional and mental relationship building to insure the well-being of your dog

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling an animal communication session with Lillie during your visit.