The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
Guest Info
Have fun uncovering new areas of interest and activities for you and your dog!

Are children allowed?
No. All Getaway guests must be 18 years or older. Due to the off leash nature of our environment for the dogs, legal and liability reasons prohibit us from having minors as guests.

What should I bring?
You will need to bring/purchase your own groceries to prepare your meals. To prepare you for your stay, review our handy list of items to bring on our Guest Information page. During the booking process we will also send you an information specific to your lodging.

What is the check-in time?
Check-ins are 2-3pm.
We understand that you might encounter traffic problems or get lost, so please give us a courtesy call if you are running late. We pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to our campers, therefore we prefer new guests to check in on time so that one of the founders of Glen Highland Farm may give you a tour of the facility and get you settled in. We cannot accept arrivals after 6 pm. If you are late and do not let us know, there will not be anyone to assist you upon your arrival and you will have to use other local accommodations and check-in the following morning.

We welcome you to make yourself at home, but please be sure to take care of our home! You will be held responsible for any damages to your lodging or GHF property by you, your guest(s) or your dog(s) incurred during your stay. We require credit card information at check-in. In the event of damages to your lodging or other GHF property, you may be held financially responsible for replacement/repair costs. We would contact you before any action is taken.

What time is check-out?
Check-out is 11am. We ask that you vacate from your accommodations by 11am so that we may prepare for our next guests. Please note that you are responsible for leaving the lodging in the same condition as when you arrived. With your lodging vacated, free to enjoy the rest of the property and even prepare a lunch in the pavilion before your departure which would need to be by1pm at the very latest.

Can I bring more than one dog?
Certainly. All listed rates include up to 3 dogs. For 4 dogs, a fee of $60 will apply. To bring 5 or more dogs will required approval prior to registration and an a $100 fee will apply. Other restrictions may apply depending on the age, size and number of dogs you want to bring. Bear in mind that you need to be able to manage all of your dogs, whether you are bringing 1 dog or 5!

What is your policy on intact dogs coming to the Getaway?
Only one unneutered male dog may attend at any given time with other dogs. Must be discussed and approved prior to registration. Female dogs in heat are not accepted at the Getaway.

My dog can be picky with other dogs or people, can we still come to the Getaway?
You must discuss such issues PRIOR to registering since we may not be able to accept your dog at Glen Highland Farm based on these issues. GHF in no way assumes responsibility for your dog's behavior. At the Getaway, dog interactions are solely the responsibility of their guardians. Please keep in mind that the Getaway is open to dog lovers and their dogs and like any place where dogs and people come together, it is important that the environment is safe for all who are participating. It is your responsibility as the guardian to manage your dog, not that of GHF. If your dog displays aggression to people or dogs, you may be asked to leave. Refunds will not apply.

Where does my dog stay if I need to go somewhere on my own?
You are responsible for bringing a crate to leave your dog in, either in your lodging or in a shady area on the property. Water, food and toys should be provided if that's what you normally do when leaving your dog.

Is the entire property fenced in?
The property covers 175 acres. The property boundaries do have some barrier fencing near roads to help better contain off-leash dogs. Some guests whose dog(s) do not have a recall and are prone to wander off should keep their dogs on leash. And, when crossing the country roads between various areas of the Farm, it is wise to leash your dog.

Can dogs really be off-leash the entire time?
Yes... but there are areas of the property are accessed by crossing small local roads -- because of this you should leash your dog(s) when crossing. We post signs to remind you when to use a leash for everyone and every dog’s safety! While a majority of campers are very comfortable having their dogs off leash as their dogs are accustomed to being off leash, don’t wander off or have a decent recall, there are also campers who choose to have their dogs on leash. You know your dog the best!

How do dogs who have never been off-leash handle all the freedom?
Most dogs actually do beautifully, sticking with other dogs on trail walks and closely to their person since it's a new territory for them. As dogs gain more confidence where they are, when in a new place, they often begin exploring further away from their person. People sometimes feel most comfortable leashing their dogs at different times during their stay. However, to leash or not to leash, is a completely personal decision based on your dog's training.

What's the weather like in the summer and fall?
Summer is upstate New York can be delightful with days averaging 80 degrees and often accompanied by breezes. Evenings are cool and comfortable averaging 60 degrees.

Please be aware that in recent summer seasons, with this summer season in particular, strong thunderstorms frequently pass through the area. If you know your dog(s) are sensitive to thunder you should come prepared with the items you usually need to calm your dogs to help them through the storms. Some suggestions would be melatonin (available in any health food store), ThunderShirts, and crates with covers.

In the Fall temperatures are a delightful 65 during the day and great sleeping weather usually at 50 degrees. The leaves are gorgeous changing in upstate NY, a very dramatic time of year.