The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
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The Canine Country Getaway is your ticket to a doggie and people paradise! Enjoy the countryside and just 'let go' with your dog!

Enjoy a vacation with your dog!

The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm was created especially for people who like to vacation with their dogs. The land was once home to the Iroquois Indians who lived near the beautiful Butternut Creek, an curvy stream filled with trout, abundant wildlife, endangered butterflies and birds. The Creek winds through 175 acres of rolling meadows and winding trails and a 2-acre spring-fed pond stocked with brown and rainbow trout, all perfect surroundings for you to enjoy a great vacation at the same time your dog enjoys an outdoor adventure.

Our 2017 season opens Memorial Day weekend May 26th and runs through September 30th. placed us at #1 in their Top 10 list of Pet-Friendly Destinations!

Take Paws, the official blog of, posted an article about the Getaway, Dog Camping Heaven in Upstate New York.

We've got dog-friendly accommodations like no other! Choose from ten camping int he woods, well-appointed cabins and cozy cottages to full-amenity RVs!

Even when the Getaway is fully booked, with 175 acres to roam, you and your dog will feel as though you have the Farm all to your own. It's a very unique vacation experience to have so much to explore, because dogs can enjoy it all off-leash! We have had guests travel with their dog(s) from as far away as Canada, California and Florida! But everyone has one thing in common... they are all dog lovers, happy to enjoy vacation time in the country with their dogs and in the company of other like-minded dog people!

Season after season, we hear our guests marvel at Glen Highland Farm being the ideal vacation setting for them to unwind, relax and play in a place that is totally dog-friendly.

Your stay at the Farm supports our rescue operation, Sweet Border Collie Rescue. Since inception we have helped find forever homes for nearly 3000 border collies. Our guests like to tour the rescue operation during their stay. Many enjoy meeting the rescue dogs personally. You can feel great having a wonderful vacation and doing something wonderful for dogs in need.