The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
Guest Info

Tent Camping

Tent camping at the Farm is a unique experience. We are offer 3 magnificent tent sites, elevated on platforms, and situated in beautiful surroundings. If you haven't been tent camping before, you are in for a treat! The tents are spacious Cabelas tents, 14' x 16' and 7' in height, with 2 large cots. The cots are slightly narrower but longer than a typical twin bed. The tents fit two people and two dogs easily. All tents have interior pockets for storage and ceiling loops to hang items and numerous zippered windows for good airflow. We provide a side table, storage shelf for organization, camping chairs, dustpan and broom to help you keep things tidy, and an outdoor clothesline and clothespins to hang wet items. Fresh water is delivered each day right to your door for you and your dog. We also provide a cooler with ice to keep food/drink on hands. Otherwise you can store your food in the Supply House near the dining pavilion.

To prepare/cook your meals you have 2 locations to choose from. 1) Our fabulous dining pavilion, where everything for storage, prep, cooking and cleaning is provided - you just bring your food and drinks. It's also a great place to meet and mingle with fellow dog-lovers and their dogs. 2) We have an outdoor picnic area next to the tentsites with a gas grill and picnic tables. If you choose to cook your meals here, you will have to provide your own supplies for storage, prep and cooking such as utensils, plates, napkins, etc. same as you would if you were visiting a traditional campground. There's a large sink with hot/cold water to make cleanup a breeze. Note that all cooking must be done on the provided gas grills. No portable stoves allowed. For campfires, there is a designated fire pit surrounded with adirondack chairs. No open fires allowed other than the designated fire pit.

If you don't feel like cooking, you can always head into Morris less than 1 mile away or Oneonta, 15 miles away, to grab a bite to eat.

Most guests say this is the cushiest camping they've ever done and first-time tent campers find it surprisingly comfortable and convenient.

A bathroom with shower facilities is located right near the campsites. We also have full bathroom and shower facilities right next the dining pavilion, less than a 10 minute leisurely trail walk away.

Tent campers will need to bring their own pillows and sleeping bags. You will definitely need a flashlight or lantern to make your way around at night. Also if you like to read at night, a personal reading light might be something extra to bring along. We highly recommend that you read Guest Info for what to bring to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Keep in mind that the tentsites are not accessible via regular vehicles. We will tranport your belongings for you via Kubota (an RTV utility vehicle) so it helps to be compact and efficient in your packing! You should also bring a crate or x-pen for your dog in the event you have to leave your dog alone in the tent. You will be held responsible for damages to the tent during your stay, see our Tent Policy below.

Tent Policy

Glen Highland Farm provides a luxury camping experience with high-quality gear that is well maintained. We need your help to keep the equipment in great condition. Camping in a tent requires extra vigilance on your part as a dog-owner since it is very easy for a dog to scratch through the tent walls or screen doors.

We require your compliance to prevent damage:

1.When you are not in the tent and your dog is left behind, please crate your dog. We can provide you with a crate if you have not brought one! Otherwise, your dog must accompany you wherever you go.

2. Any damage to the tent (walls or screens) can be costly. You will be financially responsible for repair or full replacement costs. At check-in we will be collecting your credit card information. In the event of damages, we would talk with you prior to processing any charges.

Tent Rates:

We are pleased to offer tent camping as part of the Getaway vacation experience - a great way to truly enjoy the outdoors with your dog! Your lodging costs cover not just where you sleep, but also your enjoyment of 175 acres of property with its hiking trails, sport fields, the winding creek, the pond, acres of fields and meadows and the dining pavilion, bathroom facilities, picnic and lounging areas.

Tent: Wag 1, 2 or 3
2 nights at $175 per night
3 nights at $150 per night
5+ nights at $140 per night

All tents have a 2 person occupancy limit. Listed rates include up to 2 medium-size (40lbs or less) dogs, with no extra fee. To bring more than 2 dogs in a tent, requires approval prior to booking. Other restrictions may apply depending on the size and number of dogs.

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