Glen Highland Farm's Canine Outdoor Adventures
Canine Country Camp Canine Country Getaway

Where dogs and people join together in nature

Glen Highland Farm is a gorgeous 175 acres of rolling countryside. A place for dogs and people to join in nature. This was a dream realized by its two founders, Lillie Goodrich and John Andersen. Inspired by their first border collie, Luke, they created a place to help this often misunderstood breed. This was a perfect property with hemlock forests, ponds, a long-winding creek and abundant wildlife. Sweet Border Collie Rescue was created, along with Camp Border Collie for Kids, for inner-city kids to vacation and work closely with the dogs to heal their own wounds. Plus, the vision included vacation camps for those looking to strengthen their bond to their beloved companion dogs.

Since inception, over 1500 border collies have been saved and now reside in loving, forever homes. There are 30-40 dogs are living onsite, running through the grassy fields of 20 acres of paddocks, residing at night in a cozy 200 year old barn and lovingly being cared for until the perfect family arrives.

The Rescue dogs

There are numerous dogs at the Farm in rescue, waiting for their forever homes. At any given time, you will see and hear about 30 dogs who play in fenced paddock areas and live in our Rescue Barn. Their stories are detailed on the website for Sweet Border Collie Rescue. During your stay at the Farm you are welcome to meet them and if you like and take them for walks. Sometimes people like to share their love with other dogs that don't yet have that special person caring for them. We welcome your interest in the rescue dogs. In fact, sometimes adoptions happen during camp, or become a Border Collie Angel, sponsoring a dog! We love sharing the dogs, their stories and our work to help them. Visit the Glen Highland Farm site for more info.

The "GHF Pack" dogs

Other rescue dogs are on the farm, too. They are rescues who now live with us in our home, also on the farm. Meet our pack, learn their stories and read about how they inspire the work of the Farm. You will meet them every day since they live in the outdoor open area surrounding the Barn where meals, speaker sessions and other activities happen. These dogs are exceptionally well socialized since they meet so many people and other dogs and in fact, are great teachers for visiting dogs, offering a stable influence. Our dogs know the drill at the farm and fit in beautifully playing and enjoying visiting dogs. There are 18 family dogs so you can expect to meet them all!

Your stay benefits dogs

When you experience our Canine Outdoor Adventure offerings at Glen Highland Farm, whether it be our popular Canine Country Camp or our Canine Country Getaway, you are helping abandoned, unwanted and homeless rescue dogs! Your camp fee (less costs for instructors & food) goes directly to rescue so you can feel great having a wonderful vacation and doing something wonderful for dogs in need. No other camp benefits dogs!

And if you can't decide which adventure is the right fit for you, just contact us and we will assist you in finding the perfect canine outdoor adventure.

Come and join us at Glen Highland Farm for some Canine Outdoor Adventures!