The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
Come and discover the Inner Dog! Come to Glen Highland Farm and you'll take home a lifetime of understanding.

Discover the Inner Dog

The Inner Dog Workshop is a unique journey between you and your dog in the countryside paradise of Glen Highland Farm, hosted by Lillie Goodrich.

Dogs agree to share our lives fully, side by side, through the ups and downs. Their genuine nature is a marvel from which to learn. It’s time to turn your perspective upside down. See your dog as your teacher, as your healer, as the one that loves you fully enough to help you become more of who you can be. Strip away the fur long enough to explore the depth of your feelings for your dog and what they have led you to do. Uncover the deep connection between you and your dog.

Allow yourself to know
the Inner Dog

Think about how your dog found you; how you found your dog. Was it a chance meeting or coincidence or is it destiny, a greater hand at work to bring you the companion you needed exactly when you needed it?

Is it possible to suspend disbelief and allow the miracle of the heart to lead?

Can you build on that deep connection and bring it into other areas of your life?

Glen Highland Farm provides the setting for an exploration of the Inner Dog. Retreat, renew and recharge on the land with your dog as your guide.

Let your dog lead you...
back to your heart and an easier life

Experience SILENT WALKS led by your dog. Suspending chatter and distraction, you find out about the present moment in which your dog lives as you join in the discovery of the day, dog style. You’ll get a chance to hear and see the world as your dog does and understand the sharpness of their all encompassing vision, sharpening your own ability to use other senses you have forgotten: smell, sight, sound, touch and taste. Letting go of words as the only communication tool, you practice experiencing the world as your dog does.  

READING YOUR DOG teaches you how your dog "reads energy" so you can learn to read the energetics of communication between dogs and people; between dogs and dogs; and even dogs and the environment around them. Dogs innately know the energy that feels ‘right’ and what feels ‘off.’ It is the human who mistakes the interpretation of the dog’s reaction... we miss what is guiding them to react.

Practice HEARING YOUR DOG by developing the skills of animal communication. Uncover your inner ability to communicate with animals. Practice receiving images, sensations and information so the Inner Dog becomes second nature.

LILLIE GOODRICH co-founded the Farm and spends her life listening to dogs. Her focus 24/7, is tuning into dogs. With over 2500 dogs rehomed through the Farm's Border Collie rescue program and the thousands of dogs that come to GHF on vacation, Lillie has a unique way of understanding who dogs are and can help you strengthen your bond with your own. Lillie's own canine companion family has included 38 dogs living with her and her husband, never less than a dozen in their home at any one time. She works with clients across the country as an Animal Communicator. She studied in Advanced Inter species Communication with renown telepathic communicator, Penelope Smith. Her book, The Little Book of Everyday Soul, has been well received and helpful to many people.

Workshop Dates

Arrive on Wednesday, July 29, by 11am. The workshop starts promptly at noon. Checkout is Friday, the 31st by 11am.

Add on a weekend! Stay after the conclusion of the workshop to spend more time with your dog.

Workshop Fee

$300 per person plus the cost of lodging. Space is limited to 20 participants. Workshop fee includes all sessions. No meals are provided. We have a wonderful outdoor dining pavilion and supply house where guests may store and prepare meals and supplies. Refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, outdoor sink, gas grills and large wood burning grill are available for use. Click here for a full description of our facilities.


Stay onsite in one of our RVs, cottages, cabins or tents:
Click here a full description of our lodging.

  • Tent :$310 for 2 nights
  • Cabin: $400 for 2 nights
  • Cottage: $500 for 2 nights
  • Classic RV: $600 for 2 nights
  • Deluxe RV: $700 for 2 nights
  • Deluxe Plus RV: $830 for 2 nights
  • Bring your own RV: $400 for 2 nights

How to Register for the Inner Dog

Send us an email to check on workshop space and current lodging availability. We'll send you the registration form, total cost, and other information. Proof of rabies vaccination or titer and proof of parvo/distemper vaccination or titer is required for all dogs in attendance.


Please note that space is limited to 20 participants (minimum of 10 attendees required)! Payment of $300 (workshop fee) plus 1/2 the cost of lodging is due at the time of registration. The balance is due by May 1st.

If you cancel prior to May 1st, you get a refund minus the workshop fee. If you cancel after May 1st, there are no refunds. No refunds due to inclement weather or early checkouts.